The Somali Social Unity Party was founded by a group of Somali patriotic intellectuals and politicians on April 11, 2004 in Katrinholm, Sweden. It is a political party, which believes in the principles of dialogue, free & fear elections, power sharing, equality, justice, freedom of expression and the development of the prestige of the Somali nation without infringing on their cultural values including religion.

Geographical setting
Geographically, the Somali social unity party is generally operating in the whole territory of the former Somali Democratic Republic (see attached geographical map). SSUP is welcoming the constitutions of the existing & emerging regional authorities and regional states that based on the decentralization or federalization system. SSUP has opened its first regional office in Mogadishu, Somalia.

As foreseen the limited budget of the party, which allows the party to open gradually sub area offices in the northeast (known as Puntland), northwest (known as Somaliland), central, south & southwest zones of Somalia, which are all in progress.