Hawa Osman Ali Speaks in Kathrineholm to Commerate the 50th Anniversary of Somalias Independence

SSUPs Intern and New Member Speaks in Katrineholm about Somalias Independence Day
Today, on behalf  of Yassin Maaxi, the founder and chairman of the Somali Social Unity Party, or SSUP, I, Hawa Osman Ali, from the United States, have the pleasure of being in Katrineholm to represent SSUP and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Somalias Independence! In 1960, on the 26th of June and the 1st of July, British Somaliland and Italian Somalia gained their independence, respectively, and came together to form what is now known as Somalia. Unfortunately, the current state of the country has fragmented yet again, but at the hands of its own countrymen.Hej allihopa! Hur är ni? Sadly, I know very little Svenska and my Somali is shameful, so Iam going to have to stick with English, but only for a short bit, so please bear with me!

As many of you know, the north identifies as Somaliland, politically and economically separate from the south and Puntland in the central northeast has followed in its footsteps. Unfortunately, this has hindered the entire country from properly developing. Terrorism flourishes in the south and does not seem to dissipate anytime in the near future, and piracy plagues the entire coast.

Despite the fact the entire country is linguistically, culturally, and ethnically the same, Somalis have chosen to help those who are affliated with their clan, rather than their own countrymen. As a result, nation-building has not succeeded nor is it seen as a viable way to stop the violence.

SSUP believes differently. We believe in the merits of nation-building and believe that unification and the dismantling of the clan system will help the entire country. More importantly, we believe that this will occur with the help of Sweden and the international community, providing us with the resources and support needed to not only lead the country, but successfully promote democracy in all of Somalia.

Somalia hanalato! Tack såmycket.

-Hawa Osman Ali

Ms. Ali is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago. As a recipient of the International Experience Grant (awarded by her alma mater), she will be working for Mr. Maaxi and SSUP as its neweset intern and member. In addition, she will assit Mr. Maaxi on his national campaign where he willl vie not only for local and regional seats, but parliamentary as well.